Memoirs - Sri. V.R.Narasimhan

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Velambur  Raghavachar  Narasimhan  ( V.R.Narasimham - VRN )  or  "Nachi"  as  he  was  fondly  called  by  his  relatives  was  born  on  September 19th , 1924  to  Sri. V.T.Raghavachar  &  Smt . Shengamallam  . He  was  the  only  son  of  his  parents  and  had  four  sisters  viz..

1. Smt. Lakshmi ( married  to   Ganavisharadha  Sangeetha  Kala Ratna  Sri Titte  Krishna Iyengar of  Mysore  ) 

2. Smt. Ranganayaki (Rangu) - married  to  Sri  Ranganathan , Madras  ) 

3. Smt. Janakamma (Jana) - married  to  Sri. Madabhushi  Narasimha  Iyengar , Bangalore .

4. Smt. Alamelu (Kutti )- married  to  Sri . Udumalapet  Gopala Iyengar  of  Trichy .

There  are  very  few  pictures  of  his  child  hood  and  one  such  rare  picture  of  his  with  his  sisters  is  alongside .

 Sri . V. T . Raghavachar   was   married  to  Smt  Shengamallam  ,  who  passed    away  when  "Nachi"  was  very  young  and  since  his  Sri. V.T.S. Raghavachar  was  an  Inspector  in  the  Govt.  department  his  job  required  lot  of  travelling  for  inspecting  the  brakes  and  healthiness  of  vehicles  and  buses  of  the  Government  dept  . He  had  therefore  put  "Nachi"  under  the  tutelage  and  care  of   his  maternal  uncle  Prof. Sri. V.Gopalaswamy  Iyengar , Registrar  of  the  former  Mysore University . 

Sri . V. T. Raghavachar   ( in  the  light  colour jacket )  ,  father  of  Sri. V.R.Narasimhan (VRN)   with  his   son  in  law  Sri.  Gana Visharada  Sangeetha  Kalarathna  Titte  Krishna  Iyengar  who  was  an  accomplished  Carnatic  Vocalist  and  used  to  serve  in  the  former  Mysore  Maharaja  Palace  .

"Nachi"  loved  and  respected  his  uncle  very  much  and  so  much  so  his  uncle  Prof. Sri . Mannargudi  V.Gopalaswamy  Iyengar  whom  he  used  to  address  as  " Shittiya"  was  also  a  strict  disciplinarian  and  was   responsible  in  coaching  ,  advising   and  the  upbringing  of  VRN  and  the  strong  value  based  system  was  inculcated  in  VRN  right  from  his  younger  days . The  two  of  them  were  continously  in  touch  during  the  schooling , college education  days  and  later even  after  VRN  took  up  his  posting  in  the  Central  Government  in  New Delhi . In  those  days  it  was  only  via  post  cards  and  inland  letters  and  some  of  the  messages  conveyed  via  the  inland  letters  only  speak  of  the  depth  of  the  messages  that  were  being  conveyed  by  the  senior  to  the  junior  disciple . Even  till  his  last  days  VRN  used  to  mention  that  Shittiya  used  to  say  like   this  or  say  like  that  to  his  grand children  

VRN  also  had  lot  of  guidance  on  various  other  aspects  of  life   from  his  other  maternal  uncle  Sri. Mannargudi  V. Narayana  Iyengar  ( Elder  brother  of  Sri. V Gopalaswami  Iyengar  )  whom  everyone  in  the  family  addressed  as   " Appa"  being  the  eldest  in  the  family  . Both  the  maternal  uncles  thus  had  a  lot  of  influence  on  the  upbringing  of  VRN ( Nachi )

VRN  completed  his  Bachelor   of  Science  (  Hons)  degree  from  the  Mysore  University  with  Mathematics  specialisation  in  the  year  1945  . Thereafter  he  pursued  the  Dip. in  Engineering  Course  at  the  Indian  Institute  of  Science  which  was  a  really  cherished  dream  for  many  youngsters  in  those  days ..... not  only  very  difficult  to  get  a  seat  but  also  equally  tough  to  complete  the  course . Moreover   since  this  was  the  Pre  Independence  period   he  used  to  tell  several  anecdotes  of  his  association  in  the  freedom  struggle  and  the  Quit  india  Movement  . 

The  Diploma  in  Electrical  Engg  certificate  awarded  by  the  Indian  Institute  of  Science  for  the  course  July 1945  to  June  1948  

After  his  graduation  in 1948  he  joined  the  Central Water & Power Commission ( CWPC )  in Delhi  and  was  in  the  key  task  force  for  creation  of  the  Power  Systems  in  India  post  Independence  . As  part  of  this  special  team  he  was  deputed  to  the  Bureau  of  Reclamation , Denver , Colorado  for  intensive  on  the  job  1 year  training  in  Hydro Power Plants  Design  and  Construction  in  Dec 1951 .

Receiving  the  certificate  from  Chief  , Bureau  of  Reclamation  , Denver , Colorado   in  Dec  1952  

Certificate  issued  by  the  Bureau  of  Reclamation USA  in Dec 1952  after  successful  completion  of  the  training .

After  his  return  back  to  India  he  continued  to  serve  in  the  CWPC  which  was  later  on  seperated  as  CEA  ( Central  Electricity  Authority ) & the  CWC ( Central Water  Commission ) . He  remained  with  the  CEA  and  rose  to  the  rank  of  Director  . In  1969-70  he  was  deputed to  the  Manipur  Electricity  Board  in  Imphal  as  Chief  Engineer  to  stream  line  the  entire  operations  and  to  kick  off  the  new  project  schemes  envisaged  to  make  the  state  self  sufficient  . He  returned  back  to  Bangalore  in  1972  to  start  up  the  present  PSTI ( Power Systems  Training  Institute )  which  was  then  called  Load  Despatch  Training  Institute ( LDTI ) . In  1974  on  promotion  he  was  appointed  the  Director  of  CPRI ( Central  Power Reserach  Institute  )  and  he  served  there   with  laurels  until  1980  and  several  new  testing  set  ups  in  High Voltage , Short Circuit  Testing  , Transmission  Tower Testing  , Material  &  Oil Testing and  several  other   for   electrical  equipment  testing   took  shape  .  

Citation  Plaque  by  CPRI  on  the  occassion  of  the  Golden  Jubilee  celebrations  held  in  January  2011 .

Sri. V.R.Narasimhan  took  early  retirement  from  C.P.R.I  in  the  year  1980  and  after  that  he  was  active  as  an  Independent  Consultant   for  almost  a  decade  putting  to  use  his  vast  knowledge  on  Electric  Power  Systems  . He  was  sought  after  by  the    Karnataka  State  Bureau  of  Public  Enterprises  ( KSBPE)  to help  various  Government  Units  to  overcome  their  Energy  related  problems  especially  in  their  Energy  Planning  and  Energy  Efficiency  schemes  . He  spent  a  lot  of  time  with  KSIC  and  used  to  travel  to  their  plants  at  Channapatna  and  other  places   to  improve  their  Electrical  System  in  order  to  improve  the  production  and  quality  of   KSIC  silk  sarees . He  also  was  active  with  the  private  sector  and  did  a  lot  of  work  for  Madras  Petro Chem  supporting  them  in  improving  their  oil  products  used  in  the  Electrical  Industry  . 

Subsequent  to  1990  he  began  to   devote  his  time  towards  deeper  understanding  of  the  Significance  of  our  Vedic  Rituals  and  their  importance  . After  the  death   of  his  cousin  Sri. N. Varadarajan  , he  took  over  as  the  Secretary  of  the  Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy  Kainkarya Sabha  . He  was  himself  a   devout  disciple  of   HH  Sri . Satagopa  Ramanuja Mahadesikan  ( Affectionately  called  Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy  )  . He  put  in  a  lot  of  efforts  to  enhance  the  activities  and  image  of  the  Sabha  by  authoring  and  bringing  out  the  first  book  on  " Srivaishnavism " - An  elementary  treatise  for  beginners . After  the  success  of  this  book  which  was  very  well  received  several  other  books  rolled  out  Viz.  "Sandhyavandanam " - A  Self Instructor with  Hymns  , meanings  and  Scientic  Explanations  for  the  ritual  , " Vedic  Pranayamam " - An Elixir  for  Health & Personality , " Vedic  Approach  to  healthy  living " , " Upanayanam - A hand book " , " Vedic Wedding - A  Wedding  Souvenir " , " Vishistaadwaitaa - Highlights & It's  Relevance Today" and  more  recently  in  2014  " How God  Regulates  Human Life "  which  was  triggered  by  the  discovery  of  the  Boson  particle   by  Prof . Higgs  Boson  nicknamed  as the  "GOD PARTICLE"  .  This  book    compared  Ramanuja’s Vishishtaadvaitha – in the light of discovery of Dr Higgs Boson – Relevance & Significance " . Sri. V.R.Narasimhan  was  the  Hon. President  of    Sri. Thillasthanam  Swamy  Kainkarya  Sabha  . The  picture  alongside  taken  on  April  23rd  ,  2014  is  the  most  recent  picture  taken  during  the  HH  Sri. Thillasthanam  Swamy  Aradhanam  function  held  at  Sri Prasanna  Krishna Swamy  Temple  , Majestic  , Bangalore .

The  Sabha  has  a  seperate  web  site  and  those  interested  are  referred   to  the  web  site      and

Sri V.R.Narasimhan  was  married  to  Smt  Jayalakshmi  daughter  of  Prof. Sri  . C.K. Sundarachar  of  Mysore  in  the  year  1954 . Smt  Jayalakshmi  Narasimhan  is  no  more  and  she  passed  away  almost  16  years   ago  in  April  1998  .  The  Narasimhans   had  two  children  . 

Son  Sri. V.N.Rajan  (  The  creator of  this  web site )  a  Mechanical  Engineer  by  profession  and  presently  an  Independent  Consultant  in  the  field   of  Thermal  & Renewable  Power  Plants  &  daughter  Smt  Padmini  Shrinivasan  , MSc  Physics  and  earlier  worked  with  the  ISRO  as  a Scientist  and  now  a   Carnatic  music  professional   . 

While  working  in  Delhi  he  had  several  close  friends  who  were  also  colleagues  in  the  same  ministry  and  some  of  them  are  seen  in  this  picture  . 

1st Row - L-R   1) Mr C.K.Chandran  , 2) Mr A.N.Singh  , 3) Not  Known ( Request  if  someone  can  fill  in  ) 

2nd Row - L-R  1) Mr A.K.Sambamurthy 2) Unknown 3) Mr V.S.Rao 4) Unknown 

3rd Row - L-R  1) Mr S.N. Vinze  2) Mr V.R.Narasimhan 

Dr. . C.G. Swaminathan ( C.G.S)  Retd. Director  General  of  CRRI  ( Central  Road  Research  Institute  )  and  his  family  was  very  close  and  he  considered  Mr Swaminathan  like  his  elder  brother  . This  picture  taken  at  "Pataudi house"  Government  Quarters  in  Delhi  sometime  in  the  1960's  .

Sitting  L-R  : 1)  Smt  Kamala  Badrinathan  ( Sister  of  Jayalakshmi  Narasimhan )  2)  V.N.Rajan  S/o  VRN   3) Jayalakshmi  Narasimhan  4) S.G. Badrinathan S/o  C.G.S  5)  Smt Rajeshwari  Swaminathan 

Standing L-R :  1)  Sri.  VR Narasimhan    2)  Dr.  C.G.Swaminathan