Memoirs - Sri. V.R.Narasimhan

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1948 - 1960

The  team  from  India  at  the  Bureau  of  Reclamation , Denver , Colorado , USA  between  Dec 1951 to Dec 1952

The  team  after  receiving  the  certificates  in Dec 1952

V.R.Narasimhan  receiving  the  certificate  from  the  Chief  Bureau  of  Reclamation  in  Dec 1952

Gathering  at  the  Certificate  award  ceremony  Denver Colorado  Dec 1952

Outing  with  the  team  in USA  1952

Outing  with  the  team  in USA  1952

At  the  discussion  table  with  the  team  in Denver Colorado  in  1952

With  his  friend  and  colleague  Mr A.N.Singh   in  the  1960s

With  his  colleagues  and  friends  from  the  Ministry in the 1960s  .


1960 - 70

At  the  Manipur  Electricity  Board  Site  Office  in  Imphal  1969 - 1972



Director  C.P.R.I  between  1974  to  1980 

March 1980 C.B.I.P - Distinction  in Engineering Technology

1980 - 2014

Jan 2011  - Receiving  the  Citation Plaque  on  the Occassion  of  Golden  Jubilee  year  of  C.P.R.I 

                  Jan 2011 - Citation Plaque  given  by  C.P.R.I